About us

GT Projekt is a Project and Consulting Company operating in the market since 1999.

GT Projekt was created by merging geotechnical firms that have been operating since 1991.

In 2003, our company implemented and has been using an internal quality management system.

GT Projekt is a founding member of the Polish Association of Contractors for Soil Testing.

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GT Projekt is also a member of the Polish Association of Contractors for Special Foundations.

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GT Projekt carries out individual laboratory analyses using accredited methods.

GT Projekt creates a team of around fifty specialists in the fields of geology, geotechnics, construction, and chemistry, developing geotechnical and geological documentation based on field and laboratory environmental, geotechnical, and geological research, as well as conducting design work in the broadly understood field of building structures, with a particular focus on geotechnics and foundations. GT Projekt participates in a number of undertakings, from the planning stage through design and implementation to supervision during the operation of buildings.

GT Projekt continuously expands its scope of activity to meet the growing needs of its clients.

GT Projekt operates in the broadly understood field of civil and water engineering, conducting related design work, technical advice, and project management.

GT Projekt is an independent company not affiliated with suppliers of goods or financial institutions.

We provide services such as:

  • geotechnical soil testing,
  • soil remediation,
  • geological soil testing,
  • remediation,
  • geological drilling,
  • fissure walls,
  • hydrogeology.

GT Projekt always operates in the best interest of its clients.


GT Projekt creates a team of around 50 specialists in the fields of geology, geotechnics, construction, and chemistry.

The strength of our company lies in our employees, whose experience is based on the implementation of many interesting projects carried out throughout the country and participation in projects outside of Poland.

Professional experience of employees is supported by their professional qualifications. Over ten geologists have qualifications in complex geology, hydrogeology, and engineering geology. Ten engineers, members of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, have construction qualifications in the field of design and construction.

Years of geotechnical experience are also confirmed by certificates from the Polish Geotechnical Committee, and the implementation of projects in historic buildings – by qualifications issued by the monument protection services.

Over twenty specialists working at GT Projekt hold professional qualifications, including:

  • Geological qualifications of categories V, VII, XI, XII,
  • construction qualifications for design,
  • construction qualifications for managing construction works,
  • certificates from the Polish Geotechnical Committee,
  • qualifications from the Monument Protection Services for designing and conducting works on historic buildings.

Areas of activity

The main field of activity of GT Projekt is to provide services in the field of geotechnics, geology, and hydrogeology

We conduct:

  • soil foundation research, including field geotechnical investigations and geological surveys: exploratory drilling, dynamic probing, and static probing: CPT, CPTU, and SCPTU,
  • we establish groundwater monitoring networks based on observation holes – piezometers; We perform on-site and laboratory determinations of physical and mechanical properties of soils and groundwater testing,
  • we conduct soil foundation research for environmental protection purposes.

We provide construction and execution design services, including:

  • Industrial hall and industrial structure design projects;
  • Multi-story building design projects in densely built-up urban areas;
  • Design projects for residential, office, and commercial buildings.

GT Projekt geotechnical and chemical laboratory:

  • Conducts physical and mechanical property testing of soil samples;
  • Determines the content of heavy metals and petroleum substances in soil and groundwater samples;
  • Determines the aggressiveness of soil and groundwater samples towards building materials.

We specialize in geotechnical projects, including:

  • Technical and economic analyses preceding the selection of the foundation method for investments;
  • Replacement and reinforcement projects for weak soil foundation of buildings, structures, roads, and other linear facilities;
  • Soil reinforcement projects using modern technologies such as dynamic consolidation, vibro-compaction, stone columns, cement-grouted columns, displacement concrete columns, jet grouting, etc.;
  • Stability analyses of slopes and embankments, and stability protection projects, including nail method;
  • Excavation protection projects using diaphragm walls, watertight walls, Berlin walls, vertical pile and pile-like support structures;
  • Intermediate foundation projects on diaphragm walls, pile and pile-like structures;
  • Direct foundation projects, including on foundation slabs and foundation membranes;
  • Consultations in the field of building constructions.

We prepare structural and construction projects:

  • designs of industrial buildings and warehouses;
  • designs of residential, office and commercial buildings;
  • designs of buildings in high density housing.

We also provide other services, including:

  • Comprehensive geotechnical and hydrogeological support for investments;
  • Consultations in the field of geotechnics, geology, and hydrogeology.


We have modern research equipment at our disposal.

We conduct field research in geotechnics, geology, and hydrogeology, utilizing the following modern equipment:

  • Geotechnical drill rigs mounted on trucks, produced by „Wamet”, allowing for drilling to depths of over 40 meters;
  • Geotechnical drill rigs mounted on tracked chassis, produced by Wamet (Bydgoszcz), allowing for drilling to depths of over 30 meters, including a tracked drill rig dedicated to drilling within railway tracks;
  • Universal drill rigs – static probes, produced by Geotech (Sweden), mounted on a tracked chassis, allowing for drilling and static probing CPT/CPTU/SCPTU to depths of over 40 meters;
  • VANE (FVT) probe, dedicated to testing weak soils to determine their shear strength under undrained conditions;
  • BAT probe, allowing for in-situ measurement of soil filtration coefficient both in the saturation and aeration zones; additionally, the BAT probe allows for in-situ monitoring of groundwater properties and enables the sampling of both groundwater and gas.
  • DPL/DPM/DPH dynamic probes; lightweight drilling equipment, enabling research in areas inaccessible to heavy equipment;
  • Complete equipment for conducting geotechnical supervision (including statically loaded VSS plates and dynamically loaded ZFG plates for determining soil deformation moduli).

GT Projekt’s geotechnical and chemical laboratory is fully equipped with the following:

  • Facilities for determining physical and mechanical properties of soil samples;
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer;
  • Gas chromatographs.

Our project office is equipped with the following technical equipment:

  • Computer network with over forty workstations running on MS Windows and MS Office, Autodesk® AutoCAD;
  • Specialized computer software for geotechnical and geological documentation;
  • Specialized computer software for designing (static calculations and sizing of structures), including: Autodesk®RobotTM Structural Analysis; GGU Software; Cubus, Engineering Software; Larix; Midas GTS; Golden Software; Surfer.


In 2003, GT Projekt developed and implemented a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 standards. This system has been continuously improved and was audited by an external auditor from 2003 to 2018. To meet high standards regarding the processes that determine the creation of a product or service, our company has established principles of systematic control over individual activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of our clients are met.

GT Projekt has complementary geotechnical and chemical laboratories that cooperate with each other. Since 2002, we have been conducting research and analysis in accordance with Polish PN norms and European PN-EN norms. The laboratory testing and analysis processes are continually improved, as demonstrated by our accreditation from the Polish Centre for Accreditation in 2011.